Links to eBay/Facebook adverts

If you've seen a bike for sale on eBay, Facebook, Autotrader etc which you think is of interest to others then link it here.
Links to Ducatis for sale on eBay or Facebook etc. If you see one you think will be of interest post the link in this thread please. The features that appear below this thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️ on the home page are members bikes for sale
This thread is for Non Ducati's you've seen for sale on places such as ebay, facebook, autotrader etc etc...Post the link in here with a brief title of the bike
I wonder what the resave is on this - a lot I bet :unsure:
Found this cheap source for the 16 pin to 4 pin adaptor 🤣🤣
Not mine but thought they may be of interest
600 miles from new? check the tyres out.. X I don't know how many times this tosser has posted exactly this same advert, trying to sell "his" bike :sneaky:
Most of the bikes are listed after the brick-a-brac so scroll down... :mad: New name, same odd start price, I've lost count of the number of times this clown tries to sell this same bike with the same pictures. The number of times I've reported them you'd think Ebay would be a bit more on the ball ?
Seen this over yonder. Stunning.