748/853 big bore for sale.

Due to ill health my bike has to go.
RED1998 748 mechanically well looked after, in good condition well used but not a show bike, 38,000 miles needs belts doing and MOT but hardly moved since last MOT .
Shindengen Mosfet reg/rec sited under the rear number plate with upgraded wiring back to the alternator.
Charging status light fitted to the dash.
Samco hoses.
Temp sender changed so fan comes on 5 deg earlier.
Oil cooler fitted.
Carbon air box, air tubes, front and rear mud guards.
Black 5 spoke wheels.
Renthel rear sprocket carrier.
New chain and Sprockets.
Remus silencers
Alloy fuel sender nut.
853 big bore engine built by JHP Coventry with original £4,000 build receipt listing work and parts, JHP engine management chip.
Serviced by myself with loads of receipts.
Rear paddock stand.
Bike only £4,250

Spares included if you buy the full package.
Two genuine Ducati side panels.
Original red air box with air tubes.
Original Red front mud guard with V panel.
Original gold three spoke wheels.
Original engine that had 5 new Ducati rockers and all shims checked by Nelly at Cornerspeed about 1,000 miles before it was removed and the 853 engine fitted.
Spare alternator.
Slipper clutch that needs a spider spring.
ABBA stand.
There may be other bits laying around if I can find them.

£5,000 buys the bike and spares package.

WILL NOT SPLIT THE SPARES SO PLEASE DONT BOMBARD ME WITH REQUESTS TO SELL INDIVIDUAL PARTS. Will sell individual spares if the bike sells on its own but it will be pick up only.

Hope I have priced this as a competitive package.
Ducati July 2013 005.JPG

If anyone is still using the old Ducati Forum , could you please share this link, I don't want to go down the E-Bay route if I can help it.
Pick up from Bakewell Derbyshire DE45 1AZ.
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