Climate Change 🥶🌍🌞


Summer my arse 🙄
A massive global grooming programme aimed at mostly mainstream media involving climate catastrophism and Net Zero promotion is detailed in a recently published report from the green billionaire-funded Internews’s Earth Journalism Network (EJN). The work is a shocking insight into the corruption of independent, investigative journalism. At one point the report observes “a concerning trend among journalists in some countries still seeking to ‘balance’ their climate change reporting”. The report shows clearly that the green billionaires are calling most of the shots in promoting stories of Net Zero-inspired climate collapse. It is noted that they may fund journalists “to cover stories in a particular subject area, determined by funder interests and goals”.

From: New Report Reveals Massive Scale of Green Billionaire Funding of 'Climate Emergency' Reporting in Mainstream Media – The Daily Sceptic
I'm reminded of my first visit to Mesa in Arizona back in 2009. I kid you not, when it was the highest heat in the summer, you would walk out of an air conditioned store straight out the doors and get hit by the average 115-118 Farenhiet smack straight in the chops.

So remembering that I went looking for Arizona's temperatures through the years and I have to say, they are pretty consistent. with the highest temperature of 122F back in 1990