Climate Change 🥶🌍🌞

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It's the parasitic elites, employing Marxist tactics, who are attempting to take ownership of the planet by overturning the established order through the infiltration, destabilisation and impoverishment of Western societies, in order to achieve Feudalism 2.0.

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Do you think he genuinely doesn't know that - or are people still that blind to it
Lithium batteries anyone, watch the short clip

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"And since nobody dares to dictate conditions to the "global south" lest they stop producing the cheap crap demanded by the "global north" (to feed their ravenous consumerist habits) sparking epic inflation, nothing will change." :LOL:
Tesla ordered to stop pumping out massive amounts of toxic gas, 100 violations for allegedly releasing toxic emissions into the atmosphere from the San Francisco Bay plant over the past five years


Expansion scaled back at electric car battery champion after mystery deaths​

Europe’s best bet for battery manufacturing is poised to scale back a big expansion offensive amid mounting financial losses.