Cool 😎 Strange 🤪 or obscure 🙃 / interesting things...

I worked with a guy that bought a bond bug in the early 80's, he only had it for 2 hours, spent an hour and three quarters cleaning it then binned it at the first roundabout!

I was driving home in 1975 at around 11-30pm (near Burnley) when a car came around a bend towards me, toppled onto it's side and slid across the road until the kerb stopped it.

It was a Reliant 3 wheeler and the body shell self-destructed into shards of fractured fibreglass (the roof collapsed completely).

The bloke driving it (he was alone) staggered out of the wreckage, and sat on the footpath until an ambulance arrived and took him to Accrington Hospital.

He was pissed.

The coppers arrived just after the ambulance left, and set off after it to arrest him :(