Dyno day in summer - fancy it?


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Done a few in the past and always a laugh. Nothing better than seeing someone wince as their pride and joy bumps off the limiter....

When we are allowed.....obvs....summertime...

Thinking see if someone can do it, even better if we can get suspension set up too, need to make it worthwhile for whoever does the dyno etc.
1) any takers?
2) Anyone know someone who may be up for it who has a dyno?

Sure AndyB will be there sharing his wisdom on dyno figures....


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I'm pretty sure of those who turn up, would get along okay


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Photo's of the Chicken Lines with an excuses thread.

Joking aside I went through a whole back tyre with Chris... Most of it ended up on his doors.
New the week before.

Note to self.... Don't have your bike mapped on the hottest day of the year.


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So this guy has jumped in and offerEd his facilities 👍
Based at Saxilby.Give me a call 01522704740 for a chat.I am on Facebook-RD Motorcycles Ltd. www.rdmotorcycles.co.uk

I’ve suggested there may be a few on here too (hopefully that won’t mean the thread gets closed ;) ). And that once we know the score on opening again I’ll drop him a line and see if we can set it up. He also does suspension set up 😀