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'The daftest thing I've seen in 20 years' - Council 'made a mess' of no dog fouling sign​


That poor girl. To be taken advantage of in that way ...
Them cheeky chancers 🤣

Irish radio news reported yesterday, that a huge hole had appeared in the middle of a road in Donegal. The cause of the hole was unknown, but they reported that the Gardai (Irish police) are looking into it😉😉😉🤣🤣🤣


Fr Eamonn Kelly to shave beard - after 31 years!​

Raphoe-based priest Fr Eamonn Kelly hasn't used a razor since the day before Donegal won the All-Ireland in 1992 - now, 31 years on, he's set to ditch his beard in the name of charity​

On the face of it, an absolutely disgraceful sentence

It's a cultural thing, the driver didn't realise that he' done anything wrong. Hence the very lenient sentence. Because of course, Ignorance of The Law is No Defence.

Which does make you wonder what is so great about having multiple cultures *shrug*

Disclaimer: Some or all of this post has been made up, probably by a "far-right extremist"

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It took research to discover this ?

Fucking hell are people now that stupid they need this sort of ‘research’ information ?
No, but they are stupid enough to set up and employ people to do the research. There will be someone out there who can use the results to “see,I told you so” to someone else.
Interesting that there seems to be no police involvement as of Russells social media denial?