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Mr Hibs and Eeyore (formerly known as Hector).

Cute but not like the other gerbils I own. Nothing like.


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This is Ethan, he was my sister in law`s cat but they had a house fire and the rental they are in wont take pets so he moved in with us about 5 months ago.
He has really settled in well after being very nervous the first couple of weeks and it looks like we will be keeping him now. He was living in a terraced house in a busy road , we have a small cottage with no neighbours for a few hundred yards and he seems to have taken to country living. Ethan is about 14 so a bit spazzy at jumping and climbing now, I`m sure our other cat and dogs have a good laugh at his expense every time they see him desperately trying to clear a fence or even get up on the settee.
Nice cat though, very friendly and placid.


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Used to have 2 Tawny Owls when I was a kid. My parents built an aviery for them from the RSPCA who'd taken them off some scrote that had pinched them from a nest.

They were easy to look after. Used to get local owls visiting and chatting with them - might have been their parents maybe.