TIL of roles that famous actors nearly got, or turned down.

Ronnie Barker: 1st choice to play Frank Spencer but turned it down because not suited for him.

David Jason: 2nd choice to play Jones in Dads Army, if Clive Dunn turned it down, there would been a high chance David Jason would been offered it and took the role.

Leonard Rossiter: Got offered to play Sergeant Major Shut-up in It Ain't Half Hot Mum, got turned down, because David Croft thought he was extremely rude and difficult when he met him.

Jim Broadbent got offered to play Del-Boy in Only Fools and Horses, but turned it down because he had other commitments.

Paul Henry was meant to play Godber in Porridge, but either the BBC or Ronnie Barker preferred Richard Beckinsale instead.

Jon Pertwee got offered to play Captain Mainwaring in Dads Army, but turned it down
TIL somebody’s pizza delivery was delayed…

"Doctor Dox" does have a certain kudos ;)
Lozydoxical = Total and utter bollocks.. typically from the fantasy side of the internet.
a.k.a. I've had bad luck/planning/preparation, so probably everyone (especially in authority/government) is out to get me.

Hugo-Lozydoxical = Sort of based on some sort of data, but heading towards total and utter bollocks.. typically from the fantasy side of the internet.
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TIL Freddie Mercury's grandfather was Ivor Williams from Porthcawl.

He changed his surname just after he invented the thermometer.

Bregret= New term for a remoaner.
An abbreviation of "Brexit regret".
.... the other place must be full of them

and agent Alan.