What have you done on your bike today?

MOT'd and ready for another year...
Today i went out early on the 996 as it's dry but still not that warm, while out and about i have never seen so many supercars on the road. I will have a look later to see if there was some kind of event, i've seen lamborghinis, Porsches, Ferraris, Nobles and Maseratis!! Anyway the next 3-4 days are forecast for fucking rain again and the bike needs a good clean so i will be doing that. :rolleyes:
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A chunk of Eastbound A27 was closed today so I had to detour onto the A259 in order to get to Newhaven.
FS, absolute car park. If I'd been in the car, i would have given up and turned around. Aside from that, good conditions for biking and some fun roads were there to be had.
Today i have spent the best part of 3 hours cleaning the 996 and have found a tight spot on the chain, it's fucked anyway so will get a new one at some point.:rolleyes: The sprockets are good and the sprocket retaining washer on the drive sprocket is good, my 900ie would chew them up in know time!🤷‍♂️
Today i rode out to Salisbury to meet up with @Hugo Magnus for a chat, it still isn't that warm out and i was wearing my summer gloves so my gaylord hands were cold!! :) We had a good chat and a drink and met some other guy's on bikes at the bike park, i guy pulled up on a very nice CCM Spitfire and i saw a car reverse into another car at the car park, i sort of saw it and the two women that were in the car that got hit came over to us to ask if we saw it. I gave her my details if needed as a witness to said prang, they also have partners that ride bikes.(y)

The prang!!🤷‍♂️