What have you done on your bike today?


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I am hoping to do super sausage this year,

I’m sure he’s looking forward to it 🤔



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New battery charged overnight & fitted today. Now it's hoofing it down with rain so no spin out now !!

Also, the tank for my first bobber came back from the sprayers this morning after he'd resprayed the underside of it after it sprung a leak. So washed that out with Jizer & hot soapy water followed by a thorough rise out with cold water. It's now in front of the fan heater, drying out.

Need to get that back on & ready for the DGR run next weekend. Anybody doing their local DGR run or the Manchester one ?


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Finally it was dry this morning so took the boneshaker out for a quick run & then returned home & took the Duc out for a quick blat. First rides on both these bikes this year, soooo good to be out again !!
Hopefully next weekend will be dry so I can get out on the boneshaker for the Manchester DGR run.



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Took the Panigale up to Cambridgeshire, parked it up. Pulled out the Multistrada, got it MOT’d and tax’d. Result.

Saw a bloke texting while driving, I just looked at him. Got a load of verbal abuse from him and threats.
I looked at him some more.

Nice being back in England.

Multistrada gave me back ache between the shoulder blades. Need to find out if anyone has successfully lowered the bars on a Multistrada without the bars hitting fairing.