What music are you listening to on your playlist?


Is it still summer?
Managed to be "working at home" today so sitting here working but also got iTunes playing away next to me but I need some new music, 30Gb so far of stuff that I'm bored of.

So what's currently being played where you are and I can "locate" it from somewhere :rolleyes:
BBC 6 Music on DAB radio has a nice mix of old stuff ranging from Bob Marley, Buzzcocks, Television, Clash, Zeppelin etc to the current stuff Arctic Monkeys and some of the lesser known bands as well. Better than R1 because they don't seem to have a playlist with the same tune played 5 times a day
How does T'pau - Bridge of Spies grab you? and in the garage Kate Bush 'Hounds of Love'
"So what are you listening to at the moment?"

My stomach gurgling and rumbling, think I had a few dodgy pints last night. :beer: :sick: :puke:
Pints of what though? Mr Almond ;)


had almost managed to forgot that story


had almost managed to forgot that story


think thats all it was , a story. as much as i think marc almond is an incredibly overrated waste of space, i think the basic maths of that story would be all wrong :eek:
you got Oakenfolds EM from last April Eonan? thats worth a listen prior to that it has to be the Gabriel and Dresden EM from 03 :D

Gizmo that G&D set is an absolute classic...one of the best :cool: Don't know if you already know of it, just in case though...


Every single EM ever done, plus the Kiss sets and numerous others...enjoy :D
Christ I didnt know you lot were into that type of music, I warmed up for Oakenfold three weeks ago at Turnmills in London.(just thought I wold throw that in)
Currently listening to the adam feeland mix of Smeel like teen spirit.
Oakenfold is not the man he was his mixing is like a car crash, Sasha still is and allways will be the master:lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
ps G+D are quality have seen them a few times, but back in the day my favorite Dj of the trace brigade was Paul van Dyk, his 6 hour sets @ gatecrasher were legendery!!
I'm still an oakenfold fan, have been since way back when :eek: G and D, Deep Dish still do it as does James Lavelle. I suppose a lot of its the GU/Shindig influence :)

just put the G and EM on my nicecast server